how to protect from short circuits

Protect Your Home From Short Circuits

These 3 Main 

Precautionary Checks

As much as electricity has been one of the greatest discovery of our time, short circuits are one of the most common causes for fires in homes, commercial buildings and offices. We often take having electricity for granted and forget how dangerous it is to have it constantly flowing throughout our entire house until it’s too late.
Your electrical wiring and circuits are not exempted from normal wear and tear and it’s worth taking the time to do these few precautionary steps around the house to avoid short circuits that can lead to fatal electricity leaks or property damage:
1. Avoid Using Multiple Plug Sockets
If possible, don’t use multiple plug sockets. Overloading a single socket point with too many voltages from your kettle, iron, steamer, toaster and cooker and cause a short circuit to happen from overheating. In worse case scenarios, this can lead to a fire breakout.
Use one appliance at a time, and turn off the other switches when not in use. Watch out for these few signs of a circuit overload – dimmed or flickering lights, poor quality pictures on monitors or an electrical equipments overheating.

 2. Ensure That Your Circuit Protection Is Up-to-Date
When moving into a new home,get an electrician  if the circuit protection system in the fuse box or supply-distribution box is in working order and up-to-date. Fuse boxes in old houses can be infested with insects which can damage the wiring and also cause short circuits to happen.
Homes today would normally have one of these type of circuit protection – circuit breakers, Arc Fault Circiut Interruptors (AFCI) or Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors (GFCI).
If too much current is drawn to your circuit breaker, it will cut of the circuit to protect your home from overheating wires that can cause fires.
3. Check Condition of Your Wires & Cables
The rubber casing around your electrical wires and cables from appliances and electronic equipment can get brittle over time or even be victims of rats nibibles and children playing with them.
Check and double check that the entire length of your wiring and cables are not exposed or damaged.




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